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8500 series programmable DC electronic loads available from Unispan Instruments

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B&K Precision have expanded their programmable DC electronic loads with the introduction of eight additional models.

The ten models of the 8500 family of programmable DC electronic loads offer a wide operating range, flexible operating modes and measurement accuracy, making the 8500 series programmable DC electronic loads suitable for characterising DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells.

The ten 8500 series models offer a range of ratings, ranging from 300W to 5000W, 30A to 240A, and 60V to 500V.

The 8500 series programmable DC electronic loads, available from Unispan Instruments , can operate in CC, CV, CR or CP mode while voltage/current or resistance/power values are measured and displayed in real time.

The load terminals are isolated and floated. Extensive protection, including over temperature, over power, over voltage, over current and reverse polarity protects prototypes. All parameters can be set quickly and precisely from the front panel, or programmed through RS232 (included) or USB (optional) interfaces.

The 8500 series programmable DC electronic loads have the following features:

  • Constant current (CC), resistance (CR), voltage (CV) and power (CP) operation
  • Wide voltage and current range, 0 to 500V, 0 to 240A (5000W max)
  • Low minimum operating voltage of < 0.1 V and minimum input resistance of 5 mΩ (model 8518), allowing the load to sink high current at low voltages, required for fuel and solar cell applications
  • Built-in transient generator
  • Built-in high resolution (0.1 mA/1mV) voltage and current measurement (models 8500 and 8502)
  • Bright and easy to read display (VFD technology)
  • Over-current/over-voltage/over-power/over-temperature protection
  • RS232 to TTL serial converter cable and application software included
  • List mode operation for increased throughput
  • Battery testing mode to provide Ah rating of battery (ending voltage level is adjustable)
  • Flexible triggering: creates trigger events by front panel keystroke, back panel TTL signal, or software
  • Remote voltage sensing to compensate for the effect of voltage drop in wires
  • Thermostatically-controlled fans allow operation in quiet environments with minimal disruption
  • The 8500 series programmable DC electronic loads come with a power cord, user instruction manual, installation CD with application software and TTL-to-RS-232 serial converter. Optional rack mount kit and USB-to-serial adapter are also available

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