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Unbrako offers various types of socket screws

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Unbrako  is a well known brand name of fasteners. Socket screws offered by Unbrako are used for various applications such as tools and dies, machine tools, mining machinery and for a broad variety of engineering and industrial applications.

Socket screws from Unbrako are sold by stocking distributors who are technically qualified. Unbrako offers socket screws which are fasteners of high-strength, certified to meet the standards of the industry.

Key products offered by Unbrako include Unbrako standard products, Unbrako special engineered fasteners, FLEXLOC all metal nuts, Durlok vibration resistant nuts and bolts and Bumax high strength stainless steel.

Higher pressure, speed and stress of equipment and machinery demand reliable and stronger joints and fasteners to hold them together.

High strength and high quality socket cap screws from Unbrako offer joint safety and reliability with utmost strength and fatigue resistance. These qualities of socket cap screw make sure that clients receive a better and safer product that meets their joint and fastener issues.

Socket screws and related products offered by Unbrako include Socket head cap screws, shoulder screws, flat head socket screws, button head socket screws, socket set screws, square head set screws and pressure plugs.

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