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Fastener solutions and self-locking systems offered by Unbrako

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Unbrako  specialises in developing fastener solutions for high-volume and exceptional applications. Fastening systems offered by Unbrako reduce long-term production costs, extend cycle life, provide liability protection and reduce recalls.

Unbrako has a team of professionals who use state of the art facilities and work with the engineers from the clients’ side to evaluate feasibility of design, to conduct metallurgical and mechanical testing and to provide joint and failure analysis.

Unbrako has developed solutions for elevators, entertainment parks, paper mill equipment and outdoor recreational vehicles.

Unbrako also offers the Durlok self-locking system, which is one of the best solutions against vibration, which is one of the most continual problems in the field of fastener technology. Bolts and nuts from Durlok do not unscrew or loosen even under harsh transverse vibration and jarring.

The Durlok fastener system offered by Unbrako is efficient on a broad range of engineering materials that include steel, both non heat-treated and heat-treated, cast irons that include nodular types, sheet materials and non-ferrous metals.

Bolts and nuts from Durlok are ideal for use because relatively little damage to the clamped material is caused by the serrations.

Unbrako also offers the Bumax product line which is considered to be an ideal complement to the family of products offered by Unbrako.

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