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Oily Water Separator from Ultraspin Technology Installed at BP Australia Service Station

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article image OS35 oily water separator with aeration module on a bund

An oily water separation system was installed at a BP Australia Ltd service station in Northpoint, VIC for the treatment of oily water.   

Ultraspin Technology supplied an OS35 oily water separator with level sensing control to the BP service station.  

Key components of OS35 oily water separators:

  • 500L oil collection tank
  • Aeration module on a galvanised bund
  • Viton pump

The OS35 oily water separator has a treated water flow capacity of 3.5m³/h and pump feed pressure of 400 kPa.  

The oily water separator was designed to treat water containing fuels, unleaded petrol and super petrol. The treated water is discharged into a sewer.  

The oil water separators from Ultraspin Technology consist of floating Ultraspin oil skimmers designed to draw the effluent from the pit to the separator. The effluent flows to the pump via a debris strainer on the separator skid where a strainer basket removes large debris and particles.  

The air powered diaphragm pump provides pressure to drive the effluent through the separator and create the required vortex to enable oil separation.  

The Ultraspin level probe installed in the pit activates the system. The Ultraspin separator is used to remove oil from effluent that is collected in a pit.  

Once the treated water is discharged from the top of the Ultraspin separator, the recycle valve enables the treated fluid to be recycled back to the collection pit for the set recycle time, and discharged to the sewer.  

The separated oil is collected in the 500L oil and water decant tank while excess water in the oil tank is automatically decanted and returned to the effluent collection pit for re-treatment.  

The treated water goes into an aeration tank before it is discharged to sewer. The waste exhaust air from the Ultraspin separator is sparged through the water using a sprayer pipe.

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