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Ultrahawke is Australia’s largest supplier of weighbridges and weighbridge operation software. All of their weighbridge automation software is designed in-house to ensure our clients are dealing directly with the supplier of both the weighbridge and the weighbridge accessories and software.

Cutting edge weighbridge software offering speed and versatility
  • Ultrahawke understands weighbridge applications and their Windows-based weighbridge software packages reflect this in our ability to have exactly what the client needs to suit every weighbridge software application.
  • Ultrahawke manufacture and supply PC data systems, operator control panels and driver control stations to ensure there are no compatibility issues that tend to plague other suppliers using a mix of hardware components from different suppliers
Ultrahawk Weighbridge Software Packages Features
  • Weighbridge Software For Landfill Operations
  • Weighbridge Software For Quarries
  • Weighbridge Software For Waste Recycling and Refuse
  • Weighbridge Software For Warehousing
  • Weighbridge Software For Unattended Systems
  • Weighbridge Software For On Bridge Batching Systems
  • Weighbridge Software For In-Motion Weighing systems.
Experience weighs heavily when choosing a reputable weighbridge supplier and no other company in Australia is as experienced with weighbridges and weighbridge software as Ultrahawke and our 150 years of weighbridge experience is your guarantee of satisfaction. Ultrahawke Weighbridges information and contact details

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Supplier news
21/03/16 - Ultrahawke Weighbridges advises those buying or hiring a weighbridge to ensure correct placement when installing the equipment.
Supplier news
03/11/11 - Ultrahawke Weighbridges recently supplied and installed an Australian made, twenty metre long weighbridge to accurately track volumes of incoming waste destined for the Horsham City Council's landfill
Supplier news
07/10/11 - UltraHawke Scales and Systems recently supplied a concrete deck weighbridge for commissioning at POAGS’ Kooragang Island freight terminal in New South Wales.
Supplier news
16/08/11 - Weighbridges from UltraHawke Scales and Systems are now available with analogue or fully digital weighbridge load cells.
Supplier news
21/07/11 - Tasmania’s Powrana Saleyards has installed Ultrahawke’s Cattle Scales systems for weighing pens of cattle that are for sale.
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