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Ultra-Dynamics provides a complete range of Materials Handling equipment for the mining, manfufacturing and industrial sectors.

Ribbon Blenders

  • Ribbon Blenders are probably the most commonly used blenders.  In this type of blender, the products to be mixed are constantly circulated from end to end.  This makes the Ribbon Blender particularly good for blending small amounts of additives to the mix.  Typically, the agitator consists of an outer ribbon which moves the product from the ends to the  centre  while an inner ribbon moves the product out from the centre towards the ends of the blender.
  • The agitator design lends itself to mixing low-density free flowing products with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy.  Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd Ribbon Blenders are available in single, double or triple ribbons with, either, central, or, end discharge.  The close clearance tolerance of the ribbon to the body ensures virtually 100% product discharge.

Bulk Bag Fillers

  • Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd range of bulk bag fillers are designed to provide accurate and ergonomically sound bag filling whilst being robust enough to stand up to the harshest of environments.  Bulk bags up to 2,000mm high and weighing 2,000kg can be filled at up to 25 units/hr.  The simple double wound mechanism allows for quick and simple bag height adjustment by the operator to suit any bag size.
  • Rear bag strap hooks slide forward to allow the operator to load an empty bulk bag from the front of the unit and immediately clamp the fill spout using our unique single-handed bag spout clamp.  The bag straps are retained on the hooks and when filling is complete the hooks rotate 90° allowing for easy removal of the bulk bag by any one of gravity, powered conveyor or forklift.

Bulk Bag Unloaders

  • Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd has a full range of bulk bag unloading equipment which include; forklift loading, electric hoist and trolley loading.  Our equipment can cater for bulk bags of up to 2,000kg.  Our modular design is delivered pre-assembled which allows for quick installation and adaptability to all applications.  With a large range of standard and optional features, the Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd bulk bag unloaders will suit all budgets.  All our designs can be adapted for application to hazardous dust zone applications.
  • All the lifting equipment supplied is designed to meet local standards and is independently load tested and certified.


  • Metering screw feeders are used to accurately meter powdered, granular or flaky products in a process system.
  • Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd offer both types of feeders in general use in industry processes
    • Volumetric - Product flow rate is metered out by volume and is set over a given time.
    • Gravimetric - Product flow rate is metered out by weight and is controlled using loadcells
  • Throughputs are available 1.75 l/hr up to 13,750 l/hr.
  • The critical factor in achieving accurate and consistent  product bulk density is through proper design and selection of the agitator in the conditioning zone above the screw auger.  The agitator  de-aerates  and conditions the product to a uniform density by breaking any bridges and preventing hold-up in the hopper. This  combination  with  a large selection of  screw  sizes  and  types  allows a  wide cross-section  of products  to  be  fed  very accurately.

Mobile Flexible Conveyors

  • Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd makes a range of totally portable flexible screw conveyors.  This is achieved by mounting the hopper and discharge head on a mobile frame fitted with locking castors.  Each unit can be moved easily from location to location with very little effort.  For larger units, a towed attachment is available. Customised designs provide various heights and widths of the mobile frame to ensure access in the tightest of locations.  Our designs incorporate counter weighted base frames which provide stability when moving throughout the plant.  The mobile frames are available manufactured from stainless or carbon steels.
  • Optional onboard control systems allow stand alone operation, or, integration with plant wide PLC/DCS systems.

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