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Magnetic susceptibility is the measurement of changes to an alternating current magnetic field caused by a material. The extent of these changes is dependent on the magnetic and electrical properties, sample of geometry and quantity of the tested subject. 

MAGNASAT Bench Top Magnetic Susceptibility System is designed to be a compact and fully integrated bench top system that is easily adaptable to meet specific testing requirements. The system is computer operated and carries out the analysis automatically and the results are stored in Excel compatible formats for quick and easy display of graphical or tabular configurations.   

Bench Top Magnetic Susceptibility System is Suitable in a Range of Applications 

  • Mining industries, diamonds, iron ore
  • Mineral sands
  • Dense media/magnetite
  • Jigging plants for metal recovery
  • Geological field mapping
  • Stone, soil and vegetation analysis
  • Archaeological investigations
  • Hydrology and sedimentation
  • Pollution studies
  • Building materials analysis 
  • University research

Features and Benefits of the Bench Top Analysis System
  • Easy to use with laptop PC controlled operation
  • PC program industry standard SCADA package
  • Easily adapted to meet specific requirements
  • Data is stored in Excel compatible format
  • Capable of measuring the absolute magnetic susceptibility of materials
  • Ultimate precision of <1 x 10-7 
  • Multi-frequency capability (10Hz to 100khz)
  • Capable of measuring 4x the sample size compared to other Magnetic Susceptibility System
  • No need for highly trained technician to operate 

The MAGNASAT Bench Top System is a fully integrated and compact system that is easy to use and provides an accurate measurement of magnetic susceptibility in tested subjects in a matter of seconds. 

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