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Turnkey Electrical Systems can supply you with Motion Control to provide high speed and fine accuracy solutions to your manufacturing needs.

Our Motion Control Engineering can help achieve your vision. We’re here to help you realise: 
  • Reductions in waste 
  • Increases in production output 
  • Improved consistency within products and lower variation 
  • Fast changeover between batch products reducing lost time due to machine setup
  • Improved Safety and access to your equipment
Our highly accurate and fast Motion Control designs can be applied for cutting (on the fly and stationary), machining, trimming and guiding products as part of your process… plus many many more.

We can engineer you a completely new system or undertake an upgrade on your existing system. We have the knowledge and experience to update your existing machinery to the latest technology and systems while providing easy to use interfaces and maintaining existing mechanical configurations. This reduces cost of life for your plant and ensures you maintain your competitive edge.

Our solutions are always conscious of maintenance. Our designs are driven not only by achieving the best technical result but by doing it in a way that presents the least amount of down time and is the most simple for your existing staff to operate, maintain, fault find and modify.

Safety is a key concern with any modern machine. Turnkey integrate safety within our solutions allowing minimum interruption to process and machine cycles due to operator stoppages or false emergency events. We don’t design recovery processes – we design motion that works with safety to keep your production on track and your staff safe.

Contacts us today to speak to one of our experienced Engineers about your application and how we can assist you in realising improvements to your process.
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