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Tunstall Australasia supplies a range of telecare products

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Tunstall Australasia  is a supplier of various telecare products. Telecare is a continuous, automatic and remote monitoring systems for real life emergencies and changed lifestyle. Some of the telecare products supplied by Tunstall Australasia include smoke detectors, flood detectors, natural gas detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, alarm units, bed occupancy sensors, chair occupancy sensors and many more.

A range of alarm units supplied by Tunstall Australasia include T400, T4000, Vitaris Caresse and so on. The T400 alarm system supplied by Tunstall Australasia is designed to support people who live in their own homes. Integrated with a hands free radio trigger, the T400 can be used to raise an alarm call from anywhere in the home by simply pressing the radio trigger.

The T4000 alarm system provided by Tunstall Australasia is an intelligent home unit with integrated capabilities which extend beyond the boundaries of traditional community alarm. T4000 can be used with a wide range of personal alarms, talk back speech triggers, cordless telephone handsets and fall detectors.

Tunstall Australasia's chair occupancy sensor monitors chair occupancy and generates an alarm based on pre programmed requirements of either activity or non-activity.

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