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Tronics supplies Videojet 2300 Series carton printer for salad packaging

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Tronics Pty Ltd  supplied a printer from the Videojet 2300 Series to a leading processor and packager of ready-to-eat salads.

Vegco, a member of the One Harvest Group operates a major packaging facility at their large processing plant located at Bairnsdale in one of Victoria’s vegetable growing districts. Taking delivery of fresh salads direct from growers, packaging in see-through retail packs for supermarkets and other retailers and then despatching for arrival in fresh condition for retail shelves as ready-to-eat is a highly disciplined operation.

Some vegetables such as salad leaves including lettuce and spinach can be particularly sensitive to delays, thus making the performance of machines on the packaging line absolutely critical.

Vegco recently trialled new equipment to upgrade the printing process for shipping cartons on their new line. The company needed a fast and reliable carton printing machine to apply the variable information onto their pre-printed cartons. Tronics supplied two printing machines for the trial, with Vegco identifying the Videojet 2300 Series case coder system as the right solution for their packaging line.

Vegco found several advantages in the Videojet 2300 Series when compared to other carton printers at the Bairnsdale plant. The company is now looking to replace their existing case coders with Videojet 2300 Series carton printers.

Key advantages of the Videojet 2300 Series carton printer:

  • Self-priming operation, does not require regular cleaning
  • User-friendly interface allows operators to understand the system quickly
  • Screen displays information to be printed on the carton, ensuring accuracy
  • Simple functions for adjusting print size or changing carton size, saving vital production time
  • Eliminates daily maintenance
  • Saves time by indicating low ink levels and automatically preventing de-priming to avoid downtime
  • Solid state ink system eliminates potential downtime from maintenance on pumps, solenoids and other moving parts
  • 180 dpi resolution printing for alphanumeric codes, bar codes and graphics with print height up to 70mm
  • Maximum speed for alphanumeric text up to 132 m/minute

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