Low Pressure Leak Detectors for Reliable Pressure Detection from Tronics Pty Ltd


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Tronics leak detector instruments for the container blow mould manufacturing uses low pressure technology. These leak detectors monitor variations in pressure as low as 1/10,000 of atmospheric pressure.

Innovative Design and Superior Construction Quality

Tronics leak detection instruments provide accurate and reliable readings and are user friendly.
  • Provides millisecond sampling speed
  • Easy to operate due to the digital touch panel controls
  • Sensitivity 0f 0.1 HPa
  • Low pressure clean filtered air operation
  • Micro processor control
  • Stepper motor driven conveyor for accurate positioning of test head
  • Linear Acceleration and Deceleration of conveyor for maximum bottle stability
The blow moulders choice for leak detection

Tronics leak detectors protects products are ideal for blow moulding applications such as bottles and containers.
Tronics range of leak detectors helps with monitoring good and rejected container counts.

For more information and to see the range of small character coders and marking equipment download the product brochure.

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