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Ideal Industries' Signaltek 33-974 cable performance testers available from Trio Test & Measurement

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Available now directly from Trio  Test & Measurement, the Signaltek 33-974 cable performance tester from Ideal Industries is designed to verify that installed cabling will support voice, video and data applications, such as Gigabit Ethernet.

Designed for use by datacomm installers, electrical contractors and IT/network managers, Signaltek 33-974 cable performance testers are reliable, feature-rich, handheld instruments with a user-friendly graphical interface.

These cable testers offer true Gigabit performance testing by transmitting 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet packets and measuring errors on the link in accordance with the IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet standard. This simple 'pass/fail' test determines within seconds whether or not the installed cable can support applications such as Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet.

The Signaltek 33-974 cable performance tester also supports Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT) for VoIP, data and video over-IP applications.

Ideal Industries' Signaltek 33-974 cable performance tester also features an integrated time domain reflectometer. This accurately measures cable length and helps technicians to find faults such as shorts, split pairs and opens. It is also capable of testing various cable types, including twisted pair data, coax, telephone, security alarm and audio cables.

In addition to a 'snapshot' performance test, Signaltek 33-974 cable performance testers can be configured to run for several minutes or even hours at a time to stress test the link for dropped packets. This monitoring mode allows the instrument to be used in place of traditional monitoring tools, which can cost thousands of dollars to deploy.

Signaltek can also inform technicians what device is at the end of a cable run, such as its own remote handset, a live network device or an open link. The unit's intelligent autotest function then performs the correct test suite based on the links current configuration.

Signaltek's 32MB internal memory allows for the storage of thousands of test results, which an be transferred via USB to a PC. With this function it is easy to generate pass/fail reports of link performance in accordance with IEEE 802.3ab standards.

While network cabling is typically certified to standards when it is installed, each time a client moves, changes or adds to the network infrastructure it can prevent the cable from operating at its maximum speed. Signaltek 33-974 cable peformance testers are perfect for IT/Network Managers looking to prove that their constantly changing network is functioning optimally after moves, adds and changes, or prior to a cabling upgrade.

Signaltek 33-974 cable performance testers are also a cost-effective alternative for contractors working on smaller installations where certification is not required or demanded by the customer.

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