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Ideal 61-797 Digital Insulation Meters from TRIO Test & Measurement

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Ideal 61-797 digital insulation meters available from TRIO  Test & Measurement are designed for periodic testing of insulation for signs of insulation deterioration in electrical components in commercial or industrial environments.  

Ideal 61-797 digital insulation meters can detect insulation deterioration that can potentially lead to breakdowns in electrical systems, generators, switchgears and motor windings.  

The 61-797 insulation meters can also prevent the dangerous occurrence of short circuits or short to grounds. Insulation testing is most effective when it is part of a scheduled maintenance program.

The handheld insulation meters are compactly designed for ease of use and durable enough to withstand the rigours of heavy commercial and industrial usage.  

The 61-797 is purpose-designed to identify whether insulation is performing at an effective, safe level.  

Key features of the Ideal 61-797 digital insulation meters: 

  • Technicians can use test leads to quickly determine insulation integrity in new and existing wiring
  • Identifies capacitive, absorption and leakage current at multiple test voltages (50V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V) and resistance up to 20G ohms
  • Measures earth bond resistance to verify the continuity of earth bond connections
  • Automatically senses and displays AC/DC voltage to 600V, plus calculates the Polarization Index (PI) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR)
  • Repetitive testing is made easier with Pass/Fail function and internal storage of values
  • ‘Twist-on’ alligator clips supplied with the equipment to fit over the test leads
  • Remote test button for two-handed operation
  • Features 600V Cat IV safety rating with self-disabling feature when connected to a live circuit exceeding 30 volts  
  • Front panel also includes a prominent live voltage hazard indicator to warn the technician before use on an energised circuit
  • Automatically discharges any capacitive voltage from the equipment under test once testing is complete to prevent shock hazards

The Ideal 61-797 is available in Australia directly from Trio Test & Measurement and comes complete with carrying case, test leads and batteries. 

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