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Extech Oyster Multifunction Process Calibrators from TRIO Test & Measurement

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Extech's complete range of test equipment including the 412400 Oyster multifunction process calibrators is available from TRIO  Test & Measurement.

Extech Oyster multifunction process calibrators are precision source and measure instruments for thermocouple (Types J, K, and T) milliamp, millivolt and voltage devices.

Model 412400 multifunction process calibrators can measure or source current, voltage or thermocouple temperature signals.

Additionally, the multifunction process calibrator can also power and source simultaneously with 24VDC loop power.

The Extech Oyster multifunction process calibrator provides 0 to 24 mA source with 0.01 mA resolution and can also measure 0 to 50 mA with a 0.1 mA resolution.

For precision temperature calibrations, users can select between Type J, K, or T thermocouples. Calibrations can be made in Fahrenheit, Celsius or mV.

The Extech Oyster multifunction process calibrator’s output voltage ranges from 0 to 1999 mV or 0 to 10.00 V.  

Multifunction process calibrators also feature a single or continuous step function for voltage and current. A self-contained 24V loop power supply drives current loads up to 1000Ω and has memory for 5 user-settable output values of each type for fast calibrations.

Other instruments in Extech's Oyster test equipment range include dedicated voltage and current calibrators, thermocouple calibrators as well as a quick check calibration source.

The Extech 412400 Oyster multifunction process calibrator is supplied complete with six AA batteries and calibration cable with spade lug terminals.

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