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CEL-350 dBadge noise dosimeters available from TRIO Test & Measurement

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article image CEL-350 dBadge noise dosimeter

With advancement in digital technology, noise dosimeters are becoming smaller and smaller. The latest ‘badge’ dosimeters, like the CEL-350 from TRIO  Test & Measurement have certain advantages over traditional dosimeters.

The whole dosimeter is in a package that is small and light enough to be worn on the shoulder, it means there are no microphone cables. If there are no cables to get in the way, not only is it safer to wear, employees are less hesitant to wearing it too. With CEL-350 the quality of the noise data collected will be improved.

Due to the small size of badge type products, it is also possible to mount them in new ways, such as on a hard hat. This allows the dosimeter to not be mounted on clothing at all, therefore completely removing it from the employee’s mind.

  • No cables
  • Lightweight, only 68g
  • Stores all workplace noise parameters
  • Stores time-history of noise levels every minute
  • Comprehensive software package
  • Intrinsically safe model available

Measurement kits:

  • Standard kits of 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 units
  • Additional dBadge can be added to make any quantity of kit
  • Robust kit case holds up to 10 dBadges and accessories

CEL-350 dBadge kits:
Standard Kits I.S. kits

  • CEL-350/K1 CEL-350/IS/K1 dBadge Measurement Kit with 1x dBadge and 3-way charger
  • CEL-350/K2 CEL-350/IS/K2 dBadge Measurement Kit with 2x dBadge and 3-way charger
  • CEL-350/K3 CEL-350/IS/K3 dBadge Measurement Kit with 3x dBadge and 3-way charger
  • CEL-350/K5 CEL-350/IS/K5 dBadge Measurement Kit with 5x dBadge and 3-way charger
  • CEL-350/K10 CEL-350/IS/K10 dBadge Measurement Kit with 10x dBadge and 2x 3-way chargers

dBadge measurement kits are available with various quantities of dBadges and include all items necessary for workplace noise dosimetry measurements. Each kit is complete with the appropriate number of dBadge units, as well as a CEL-110/2Acoustic Calibrator, infra-red download cable, 3-way charger, power supply and dB35 software. The CEL-35X dBadges and the CEL-110/2 Acoustic Calibrator are supplied with calibration certificates.

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