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Casella Microdust Pro Real-time dust monitor available from TRIO Test & Measurement

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article image The Casella Microdust Pro Real-time dust monitor

The Microdust pro from Casella CEL is a portable, real-time monitor for assessing the concentration of suspended particulate matter. Casella Microdust Pro Real-time dust monitor is available from TRIO  Test & Measurement. The TRIO Test & Measurement has the ability to measure from 1μgm-3 to 2500mgm-3 and graphically present variations in dust concentration on a real-time scrolling graph. 

  • Realtime numerical and graphical display of dust levels
  • 4 fixed ranges or auto ranging scale

The Microdust pro measures particulate concentrations using a near forward angle light scattering techniques. Infrared light of 880nm wavelength is projected through the sensing volume, where contact with particles causes the light to scatter. The amount of scatter is proportional to the mass concentration and is measured by the photo-detector. By using a narrow angle of scatter (12 to 20˚) the majority of scattered light is in the diffracted and refracted components, which minimises the uncertainty associated with particle colour, shape and refractive index.

The following are the features of the Microdust pro:

  • Measurement capability from 1μgm-3 to 2500 mg/m-3
  • Comprehensive data-logger providing over 15,700 data points
  • Detachable probe for identification of problem areas
  • Options for TSP, PM10, PM2.5 or ISO Respirable measurement
  • Instrument software calibration and zero routines
  • 4 user defined calibration routines available for differing dust types
  • Option of alkaline or rechargeable batteries
  • 32bit WinDust pro PC software Applications
  • Occupational health and safety monitoring
  • Walk through surveys
  • Site boundary monitoring and environmental measurement
  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Testing respiratory equipment or air filtration efficiency
  • Research activities

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