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Treotham Automation offers secure cable guidance for various robot models

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article image Secure cable guidance for various robot models
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Designed for secure cable guidance in robots, the RSP adjustable retraction system is suitable for large arm sizes and very complex movements. With the RSP (pneumatic retraction system), retraction force is generated by a pneumatic cylinder and is adjusted by changing cylinder pressure.

Attaching the RSP is a very simple task. It can be done quickly with compact mounting brackets. The systems with various extension lengths (from 500mm - 1,000mm) are space-saving and lightweight.

There is also an optional monitoring system for robots. This is significant because their program sequences are often changing and alternating. In other words, they are not always predictable.

A connection to the robot controller or PLC takes care of monitoring. When a predetermined tolerance value is about to be exceeded, there is an early warning signal given.

Power, data and media supply are provided by a ‘Triflex R’ multi-dimensional moving energy chain. This energy chain construction kit is specifically intended for robot users and features around 250 components. It is used to guide cables and hoses securely around difficult geometries.

These ‘robot chains’ come in three designs:

  • A closed design for cable protection in harsh applications, such as in spatter welding machines, chips and dirt.
  • An ‘Easy’ version - Here, the cables may be quickly pushed into the chain by hand, at any time.
  • A rapidly assembled ‘Light’ version.

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