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The range of Safety Products from Treotham is comprised of international market leaders with the highest quality products. Threotham offer services to help create a complete safety concept from risk analysis and hazard assessment to project planning, implementation and support.

Treotham offer a full range of Safety Relays and Programmable Controllers that are compact in design, flexible in applications and with variable connectivity options.

The range of safety relays, safety controllers, safety monitoring modules are used for various safety functions

  • E-STOP
  • Safety gate
  • Light curtains
  • Light grids
  • Safety laser scanners
  • Two-hand control
  • ‘Time delay off’ for variable speed drives
  • ‘Time delay on’ for solenoid interlocks
  • Three phase power monitoring
  • Speed monitoring

Treotham offers a range of Programmable safety controllers or configurable safety relays. These controllers bridge the gap between simple standard safety relays and high end programmable control systems.

Treotham offers Samos Pro from Wieland, Pnoz Multi, Mini Multi from Pilz and Mosaic Safety Controllers from Reer

  • Configurable controllers offer up to 50% potential savings in all engineering phases due to a graphics configuration tool
  • Inputs and outputs can be freely configured
  • Software is free to download

samos® PRO is a compact, high performance safety controller for machine building and system engineering. The samos® PRO system from Treotham monitors up to 96 safe inputs and 48 safe outputs, and monitors all types of safety sensors.

The samos® PRO offers a one systems solution that is ideal for covering applications of four safety functions and to soccer safety-related and standard control functions

  • Subsequent modifications and adjustments to the configuration are simple to make
  • Flexible application with only one unit being required irrespective of the category
  • Simple, user-friendly diagnostics for short downtimes and high plant availability
  • Flexibility of software and adaptability of hardware

samos® PRO COMPACT is the latest safety product to be introduced and is the next generation safety controller. Suitable for universal use, the 45mm samos® PRO COMPACT provides safety for all kinds of machinery and industrial applications.

With samos® PRO COMPACT a future-oriented standard for automation tasks is created, setting a new standard in time and cost savings

  • 16 safe inputs, 4 safe outputs, 4 safe configurable inputs/outputs and an exchangeable 512 MB program memory
  • Can be used at a temperature range of -25°C to +65°C
  • Features modular expandability for up to 168 safe inputs and outputs enabling big machines and plants to be automated safely

Mechanical Interlocks or Safety Switches prevent the operation of a machine in the case of a hazard and for this purpose, a safety circuit must be opened by a safety switch. All Mechanical Safety Switches feature at least one positively driven NC contact for this purpose.

Mechanical Interlocks/Safety Switches are available with and without door locking and can be manufactured with either metal or plastic housings

  • Differentiation is made between switches with integrated actuator and those with separate actuator
  • Certain applications require the safety gate to be interlocked until the hazardous production process is complete
  • Effective and economic
  • Ideal for safety gate and position monitoring

Treotham Multi-Function Gate Systems combine sensor, evaluation and safety relay all in one solution and are ideal for complex requirements. The systems are available with magnetic coding, transponder coding or for use with bus technology.

The Multifuncational Gate Box is a unique interlocking or guard locking system for the protection of safety doors on machines and systems

  • Basic system comprises of handle module and evaluation module
  • Offers interlocking, guard locking and escape release functions
  • Meets all requirements for safety-related applications
  • Due to the sophisticated modular design, the evaluation module can quickly become a small operator panel

Treotham Automation is a leading supplier of high quality components and products to industrial markets, with a broad capacity to provide systems and solutions for numerous industries.

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