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Reducing automation costs with igus belt drive axes

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Vending machines are commonly found in diverse environments from railway platforms to swimming pools and hospitals and even in industrial production, disbursing everything from chocolates, crisp bags and cold drinks to the right tool at the push of a button.

igus has added to its range, the drylin ZLW eco, a new line of lubrication-free and maintenance-free toothed belt drive axes that significantly reduce the costs of transport and handling tasks in different applications.

In light tasks such as moving bottles in a beverage machine, mechanical engineers often need a linear guide that is simple as well as space-saving in design. Though such applications don’t require high loads, high speeds or high positioning accuracy, many solutions available in the market are oversized. Manufacturers have the choice either to pay for features and functions they do not need or develop their own time-consuming alternatives.

The new drylin eco from igus is a ready-to-install entry-level series product designed to make simple positioning and adjustment tasks extremely efficient and cost-effective. The carriage and shaft end supports are injection moulded, which is more cost-effective than the time-consuming production of metal components by mechanical milling. Without compromising smooth running and durability compared to the standard series, users can simply install the eco axes and save time and money with the maintenance-free, dry operating Tribo polymer bearings.

Key features of the entry-level drylin ZLW eco include two installation sizes 0630 and 1040; anodised drylin W profile made of clear anodised aluminium with plastic shaft end supports for drive technology; and neoprene toothed belt tensioned between the shaft end supports to advance and retract a solid plastic carriage with a positioning accuracy of 0.3mm.

The stroke lengths can be individually determined by the user. Thanks to lightweight construction, the toothed belt axes weigh only 0.3kg and 0.7kg and can move loads up to 3kg or 10kg respectively. Matching motor kits are available optionally.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website www.treotham.com.au or call 02 9907 1788.

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