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Quick liner replacement with igus exchange bearing from Treotham

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article image The lubrication-free and maintenance-free exchange bearings for the drylin W modular kit can be changed directly on the rail, thus reducing downtime and set-up costs.
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Motion plastics specialist igus relies on lubrication-free liners made of high-performance polymers for a silent and precise sliding of linear guides. Recently, igus developed an exchange bearing for the drylin W linear modular kit particularly for a quick replacement of liners in high-frequency applications. The simple process involves unlocking the bearing, pushing the liner out, and replacing it. The exchange bearing that saves time and cost is now also available from Treotham in sizes 16 and 20 for linear guides of the drylin W series, besides the standard installation size 10.

In extreme circumstances, abrasive sand or glass dust can cause wear of the liners on a linear guide rail, similar to applications in automation, where linear guides and axes are in operation around the clock. For a replacement of the liner, the entire linear carriage needed to be slid off the rail. Especially for linear axes or multi-axis linear robots with belt drive, this could only be done through costly disassembly and recommissioning.

igus has now developed an exchange bearing made of the high-performance plastic iglidur J200 for the drylin W linear guides. The bearing enables easy replacement directly on the linear rail in a few steps, reducing downtime, saving set-up costs and ensuring 24/7 operation. A practical free tool enables safe installation of the liners in no time at all. To enable even more users to take advantage of the practical and efficient bearing, the new bearing is also available for installation sizes 16 and 20 in addition to installation size 10. Thus, for example, drylin W linear guides, linear axes and linear robots can be easily retrofitted.

Linear bearing replacement in 30 seconds

The principle of the replacement bearing is quite simple: First, the side cover of the linear housing is loosened using a screwdriver. With the free tool supplied, which the users can also 3D print themselves, the liner can now be slid out of the housing and directly removed from the rail. The new lining made of the wear-resistant and abrasion-resistant high-performance plastic iglidur J200 is then clipped onto the rail and inserted into the carriage with the mounting tool. Put the side cover back on the linear housing and the bearing change is finished in no time. The practical advantage: The rail is not damaged and the bearing housing can be reused without disassembly of belts or lead screws. A pin located in the middle of the side cover secures the liner in the linear housing. Alternatively, replacement can also be carried out with a screwdriver.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website www.treotham.com.au or call 1300 65 75 64.

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