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PNG//smart generation optical sensors with 1N and 1P housing formats

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article image Wenglor’s PNG//smart generation of photoelectronic sensors
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Treotham announces the expansion of the optical sensor range from Wenglor, making the PNG//smart generation series one of the most comprehensive range of Industry 4.0 sensors available on the market.

To a greater extent than ever before, Wenglor’s PNG//smart generation of photoelectronic sensors from Treotham is being distinguished by a unique combination of performance and communication. An aligned optical axis and a balanced switching point, as well as large switching distances and consistent integration of IO-Link 1.1, are resulting in a new class of optoelectronic sensors in housing formats 1P (50×50×20 mm) and 1N (75×32.5×18 mm). Beyond this, the product range including high-performance distance sensors and reflex light barriers is being supplemented with two new functional principles for a total of seven.

PNG//smart generation sensors from Treotham are currently available with three housing formats (1K, 1N and 1P), as well as seven functional principles and a selection of three light sources (red and blue LED light and red laser light), allowing nearly any application for contactless object detection to be implemented. Not only are automated product changeovers for flexible production all the way down to lot size 1 made possible, predictive maintenance for increased systems availability and automated configuration of sensor parameters thanks to plug & play (via data storage) can also be implemented.

All PNG//smart sensors are consistently equipped with IO-Link 1.1, making integration into existing control systems via PROFINET and EtherNet/IP possible as well. A special convenience provided to all users involves the use of an app for sensor configuration: the NFC interface makes it easy to set up the sensors by means of near field communication. Furthermore, settings can be adjusted using a potentiometer, by means of teach-in or at the LED display directly on the sensor.

The new 1P and 1N housing formats deliver high performance: whereas the reflex sensors with background suppression and 1N housing format have an upper range limit of 1200 mm, the through-beam sensors detect objects at distances of up to 60m. The through-beam sensors with 1P housing format are distinguished by a range of up to 20m. The sensors are multifunctional and can be used as switching or measuring devices; thanks to WinTec technology they don’t interfere with each other. The series is rounded out by diverse connection technology: optionally connectable via M8x1 or M12x1 plug, or with cable, all the sensors can be ideally integrated into any system.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website www.treotham.com.au or call 1300 65 75 64.

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