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New igus cable for SEW and Siemens motors

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article image With the new CF280.UL.H chainflex hybrid cable, users with SEW motors can now source a cost-effective drive cable for use in the e-chain
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Treotham offers a new ready-to-connect highly flexible chainflex hybrid cable suitable for SEW and Siemens motors for use in energy chains.

Users looking for a flexible drive cable can choose this cost-effective technical solution from Treotham. For SEW and Siemens motors, igus has now developed the CF280.UL.H, a new hybrid cable specifically for use in the energy chain. Users of intralogistics, machine tool construction or the automotive industry can now rely on a solution with a 36-month guarantee. The cable can either be supplied by length or as a ready-to-connect readycable.

In order to drive motors, many engineers increasingly come face-to-face with hybrid cables. In these drive solutions, the energy supply and other functions run on a single cable. For example, motor manufacturer Siemens can replace the encoder cable with a BUS element and add this to the energy cores, eliminating the need for cabling with a separate measuring system cable for the encoder.

Treotham has now expanded its low-cost igus hybrid cable series with the CF280.UL.H, which is suitable for SEW and Siemens motors. The new highly flexible cable is specifically designed for use in the energy chain. It is suitable for applications up to a bend radius of 10 x d across all industrial sectors from the machine tool and automotive industry up to intralogistics. Even temperatures from -25 degrees up to +80 degrees Celsius pose no problem for the cable. Depending on the manufacturer's specification, the new hybrid cable has a black or orange oil-resistant PUR outer jacket, and is coolant-resistant and flame-retardant.

A braided shield with high coverage ensures good EMC protection of the cable over a long service life. igus regularly carries out continuous tests on all cable ranges in the world's largest laboratory spread across a floor area of 2,750 square metres. In a series of tests at 7.5 x d, hybrid cables survived over 8 million cycles without damage. Another advantage of the new cable series is that it has the American UL approval, as well as the EAC and CTP certificate for the Russian market.

In response to customer requests, igus harnesses all its cables with the appropriate connector in-house. With more than 4,200 drive cables available made in line with 24 manufacturer standards, the customer always finds the most cost-effective cable for their application. All cables are tested after harnessing and receive a seal. By testing all chainflex cables during motion under real conditions, igus has acquired the unique position as the only manufacturer on the market to offer a 36-month guarantee on its entire range of cables. The igus chainflex cables are available harnessed from Treotham Automation.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website www.treotham.com.au or call 1300 65 75 64.

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