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New honeycomb strain relief for cables saving time for designers

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Treotham announces the launch of a new innovation from igus designed to provide universal strain relief, saving engineering and assembly time for designers while keeping cables and hoses safe in motion.

Cable tie-wraps are currently used in strain relief with every individual cable fixed to an e-chain. This can be inefficient since the job consumes a lot of time and space, and cable tie-wraps can often only be used just once.

igus revolutionises the strain relief in the e-chain with the bionically inspired honeycomb system, helping reduce the designer's engineering and assembly time. The unique strain relief system with a honeycomb structure ensures cables and hoses can simply be pressed into the honeycomb. It is then closed, whereby the outer walls of the honeycomb cavities are pushed gently but extremely tightly around the cables, the structure adapting to the cable diameters.

Key features and benefits of igus’ new universal strain relief system include quick mounting of the honeycomb enabled in seconds compared to cable tie-wraps or other strain relief solutions; 80% savings in assembly time; space-saving design also protecting the cables in the e-chain; high flexibility as the system is easy to open to insert new cables or replace them; and choice of horizontal and vertical versions.

The horizontal strain relief CFU.H can be installed in layers, and allows the insertion of different cables in one layer. The vertical version CFU.V can be hooked on in front of the mounting bracket, and different cables are simply inserted into the vertical rows. The system is tightly closed with a clip lock, protecting the cables reliably against mechanical stress.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website www.treotham.com.au or call 02 9907 1788.

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