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New compact igus slewing ring bearings for medium loads

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article image Lubrication-free slewing ring bearings from the PRT-04 range save 60 percent weight and 50 percent space
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Slewing ring bearings used in automation, stage technology or control panels must allow for fast rotary movements in a small space. For such compact applications, igus has now developed a new slewing ring bearing range for medium loads. The slewing rings are not only maintenance-free and wear-resistant, thanks to the use of high-performance polymers, they are also 50 percent smaller in installation height and 60 percent lighter, saving the user up to 20 percent of cost.

High cycle rates and loads, for example, in welding systems, indexing tables or the packaging industry, are extremely demanding for slewing rings. In order to withstand this, Treotham has been offering slide-supported igus slewing ring bearings in its product range for 15 years. The iglidur polymer slewing ring bearings (PRT) have sliding elements between the inner and outer bearing rings made of aluminium or stainless steel. The maintenance-free sliding elements made of high-performance iglidur J plastic ensure that friction and wear are minimised without the use of lubrication. The high-performance plastic withstands a maximum surface pressure of 35 MPa.

In addition, Treotham has FDA and ESD-compliant versions with no minimum order quantity. igus has now developed the new PRT-04 range so that users can use slewing ring bearings even in compact installation spaces with medium loads. Up to 50 percent space and the moving mass can be significantly reduced by using this compared to the PRT-01 series with a 100-millimetre inner diameter. Even compact applications can be implemented, for example, in automation technology, sorting systems as well as control panels or even in stage and lighting technology. In addition, thanks to the new slim type, the user saves 20 percent of their costs.

Wide variety: different sizes and accessories

The new PRT-04 range is available directly from stock with inner diameters of 50 to 300 millimetres. In addition, Treotham offers a wide range of accessories for slewing ring bearings from drive pin, variable rotation limit and toothed ring up to the clamping lever. The new slewing ring bearings have also demonstrated their long service life in igus’ own 3,800-square-metre test laboratory. The data collected in the tests are incorporated in the iglidur PRT slewing ring configurator, which allows the customer to quickly select the correct slewing ring bearing as well as calculate the service life in the individual application.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website www.treotham.com.au or call 1300 65 75 64.

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