Shell and Plate Heat Exchangers for Difficult Physical and Flow Conditions from Tranter Australia


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The Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger offers performance upgrade over shell & tube, block-type welded and brazed aluminum heat exchangers.

The exchanger offers high thermal performance with compact size, similar to that of gasketed plate heat exchangers, with low hold-up volume and low installed weight, especially when filled.

Heat stress distribution 
The heart of the Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger is its heat transfer element, also called the plate core, composed of round or oblong chevron-type plates welded into a cassette by a porthole perimeter weld. Cassettes are then placed together welded to each other using a perimeter weld.
  • Cage structure prevents any cantilever stresses from being transferred to the plate pack
  • Robust construction with no gaskets to replace or fail and no tubes to vibrate under upset flow conditions and induce stress to welds, baffles and supports
  • Fully welded round or oblong design means there are no 90º corners and edges subject to stress failures as with block-type plate heat exchangers
Field-Proven durability
Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers from Tranter offer outstanding durability with extremely low failure rate in the field.Additional available manufacturing process NDEs include: 
  • Dye penetrant examination (all weld joints)
  •  X-ray (applicable weld joints)
  •  UT (applicable weld joints)
  •  Helium Mass Spectrometer (entire unit)
Plate materials available in 316L stainless steel, titanium or other alloys. Shells can be fabricated from carbon steel, Type 304, 316, 316L stainless steel and titanium

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