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Tranter PHE manufactures the world’s most comprehensive range of highly efficient gasketed plate heat exchangers and welded shell and plate heat exchangers.

Efficient Plate Heat Exchange Equipment
The range of gasketed plate heat exchangers have been designed and constructed to offer a level of durability and reliability that few heat exchange systems can match. Other features and benefits include:

  • Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers:
    • Module-based heat exchangers
    • By using different types of plates, with different characteristics, the exchangers can be adapted to a wide variety of applications
  • Welded Shell and Plate Heat Exchangers:
    • Compact heat exchangers for though temperatures, pressures and special designs that exceed gasket limitations

Tranter Heat Exchanger Products

  • SUPERCHANGER® Plate and Frame
  • SUPERMAX® Shell and Plate
  • MAXCHANGER® Welded
  • Prime Surface Spiral Heat Exchanger
Tranter's range of heat exchangers are backed by proven results. 
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16/05/13 - A skid-mounted SUPERMAX shell and plate heat exchanger is helping a gas processing company achieve increased propane recovery and reduce sales gas gross heating value.
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15/05/13 - Tranter’s Swedish-made plate heat exchangers were chosen by a district heating specialist to heat large oil and chemical tanks at the Gävle Hamn port.
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14/05/13 - Twenty one plate heat exchangers from Tranter International are being used by a major European potash mining company to recover heat at a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant.
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13/05/13 - SUPERMAX shell and plate heat exchangers are being preferred over shell and tube exchangers for their lower cost, rapid delivery, smaller footprint and easier maintenance.
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10/05/13 - Two ULTRAMAX welded plate heat exchangers were selected by a UK-based manufacturer for use in their moulded kitchen sink manufacturing process.
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