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Econocoil Plate Heat Exchangers from Tranter Australia

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Econocoil plate heat exchangers from Tranter Australia are a highly efficient and versatile range of light duty plate-type heat exchangers.  

Suitable for a wide range of applications, Econocoil plate heat exchangers feature a unique construction that enables high heat transfer efficiency for heating and cooling.  

Econocoil units are widely used in the plating, metal finishing, chemical processing, pulp and paper, waste treatment, textiles, pharmaceutical as well as food and beverage industries.  

Econocoil plate heat exchangers are fabricated from two sheets of metal using a fully computerised welding machine, which uses electric roll spot resistance welding. The plate is then hydraulically inflated forming a variety of flow patterns.  

Econocoil plate heat exchangers are available in two options based on the unit’s structure: the double embossed plate heat exchangers and the single embossed plate heat exchangers.  

Generally used for internal tank heating plates and banked units, double embossed heat exchangers are made from two sheets of the same thickness. When inflated both sheets expand and form a symmetrical structure.  

Single embossed heat exchangers are made from two sheets with different thicknesses. When inflated only the thinner sheet expands leaving one side flat, which is ideal for clamping onto tank walls internally and externally.  

Each Econocoil plate is designed and constructed to match the needs of individual applications and requirements.  

Econocoil plate heat exchangers can be fabricated in a wide range of custom made variants to suit special applications. Several plates can be welded together to form banks for use in large heat exchanger requirements.

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