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TransLogix to showcase smarter transport strategies at Freight Week 2009

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TransLogix  will provide live demonstrations of its industry-leading transport and logistics solutions, which are being used by customers like Busselton Freight Services (BFS) and New Zealand’s Maxwell Group of Logistics Companies to drive efficiency and increase profits.

TransLogix Sales and Marketing Director, Ralf Moller said visitors to the TransLogix stand at Freight Week 2009 will discover a smarter way to manage their transport and logistics operations by using best-of-breed technology to reduce costs and improve customer service. “Our customers are proving every day that our solutions have a significant and measurable impact on their productivity and service quality, delivering new efficiencies through wireless, Internet and mobile functionality, enterprise integration and real-time tracking of stock.”

He pointed to customers like BFS Metro & Regional Logistics, which increased its hourly revenues by over 16 percent in the first three months after implementing the TransLogix Transport Management Suite to improve management of its mobile assets (60+ vehicles) and employees.  BFS’s integrated TransLogix logistics solution uses mobile PDA technology to allow the company to make real-time decisions about how best to organise deliveries and minimise costs, helping to maximise efficiency, streamline operations and improve transparency. Maxwell Group achieved a 25 per cent increase in productivity with no additional back office staff after implementing the TransLogix 3rd Party Logistics solutions to manage all aspects of distribution, freight management, warehouse management, order processing, inventory and supply chain management.

Based in Christchurch, Maxwell offers 3PL to many of New Zealand’s biggest names in fast moving consumer goods, operating the largest purpose-built warehousing and distribution facility in the South Island, with 12,000 racked pallet spaces available for products ranging from food, beverages and spices to hardware.

Mr Moller said the TransLogix stand at Freight Week 2009 will feature live demonstrations of the company’s award-winning solutions, highlighting how they help transport and logistics operators achieve greater control over every step in the supply chain to enable superior customer service while optimising fleet utilisation, efficiency and profitability. “Our solutions enable our clients to reduce their costs, maximise efficiency and improve asset utilisation with advanced capabilities that increase flexibility and deliver detailed Profit & Loss visibility at all levels. Our stand at Freight Week 2009 will show visitors that despite the high fixed costs and low margin in this industry, there is a smarter way to do business and we have the runs on the board to prove it,” he said.

“At the same time our solutions include features to help our customers win more business by being able to offer their customers the highest service levels using the latest technology. Integrated features such as electronic gateway, mobility and web portal greatly increase efficiencies and provide the kind of visibility that today’s customers of the logistics industry demand.”

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