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TransLogix shows the ‘Smarter’ Route at Australian Trucking Convention (ATC) 2009

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TransLogix will demonstrate the smarter route to customer satisfaction and profits through its eBusiness solutions at ATC 2009. Sales and Marketing Director, Ralf Moller, said in the current economic climate, businesses need to look carefully at ways to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively whilst delivering higher service levels to keep existing customers and attract new ones:
“Business is tight, and a lot of companies are changing to transport suppliers that can provide a higher level of visibility and a more reliable, secure service. Transport companies need to be working a whole lot smarter by providing innovative front end solutions to their customers and at the same time reducing their operating costs through more efficient back office systems.” he said.  “Companies want to place orders electronically and then have the visibility of real time job status, PODs, track & trace via the web. eBusiness tools like our Web Portal, eGateway and Mobility solutions deliver competitive advantage to our customers and substantial operational savings by freeing up staff to concentrate on customer satisfaction and generating new business. "
“Not only that, our software enables companies to enter new markets by breaking down geographical boundaries and opening up access to new customers at relatively low cost.  As more and more business is conducted online & electronically, demand for real time access and exchange of information will grow significantly,” said Mr Moller. “Companies trying to make do with out-dated systems will continue to lose business, and may even fail in the current climate. By contrast, TransLogix customers that have embraced this technology are winning new contracts right now, and will certainly be the front-runners when the economy returns to growth.”

Such benefits associated with TransLogix eBusiness solutions include, greater pricing flexibility and transparency, one version of the truth across the entire business, Internet booking with live job status, Real-time track and trace of individual items, electronic consignments, invoices, updates etc, optimal utilisation of resources, elimination of revenue leakage, increased productivity through automation and better accuracy, real-time, detailed P&L visibility at all levels and better service at lower cost with electronic data exchange.

“Translogix software has enabled customers to double revenues without increasing back office staff, while another improved productivity by over 25 per cent while reducing downtime and fleet maintenance costs.  There are significant bottom line benefits to be gained,” Mr Moller said.

TransLogix will stage live demonstrations of its smarter eBusiness software at stand No.37 at ATA 2009, which will be held at the Gold Coast Conference and Exhibition Centre from 21-24 April.    

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