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Measure Foundry test and measurement software is a rapid application development package that provides a system solution for all types of measurement instruments. Measure Foundry provides all the power and flexibility of a programming language in a drag and drop graphical interface. It is available from Total Turnkey Solutions .

Unlike traditional programming environments, Measure Foundry test and measurement software prevents incompatibilities, so that only valid options, or properties, are presented. When finished configuring, users simply need to press a button to compile and run their applications.

Rapid Application Development

  • Configure components through property pages to create common measurement applications without programming
  • Application development provides a clear systems understanding of data channels, control sources, and events
  • Patented drag and drop components
Simple Application Distribution
  • Professional package provides easy royalty-free distribution of executables
  • One-click Distribution - Easy deployment Integrated Help & Example Programs
  • Learn Measure Foundry quickly with comprehensive online help, example programs, and ready-to-measure applications including NEW Measurement Applets
  • Platinum Support program members receive all Measure Foundry software updates, phone support, and priority email support
I/O functions
  • Template Library allows for quick design Plug and Play Instruments
  • Base package provides support for all Instruments that support SCPI commands over VISA.
  • Instrument Pak supports IVI-COM drivers for standard Instruments (Oscilloscopes, Digital Multimeters, Function Generators, Programmable Power Supplies)
  • Manage LXI Instruments over your LAN
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  • Seamless integration with MATLAB and Excel Flexibility
  • The Melting Pot component adds text-based programming in a graphical environment for ultimate flexibility
  • User-defined events allow you to customize your solution
  • Process component allows you to execute a sequence of processes to customize your test requirements

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