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RCD testing solutions from Total Testing Solutions Australia

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Total Testing Solutions Australia  offer a variety of testing solutions such as testing and tagging, thermal imaging, residual current device (RCD) testing and exit and emergency lighting system testing.

Testing exit and emergency lighting system ensures workplace safety. During any emergency, a fully functioning exit and emergency lighting system helps in ensuring safe exit. Total Testing Solutions Australia ensures workplace safety by following a number of procedures. These procedures include inspecting fluorescent tubes and cleaning of diffusers.

Total Testing Solutions Australia provide residual current device (RCD) testing services. A residual current device isolates power when it finds an in-balance between the active and neutral conductor. These in-balances occur when there is a current leakage through earth. This leakage is caused either through a faulty appliance or through the body of a person, who could have accidentally touched an energised equipment. The residual current device is specially made to disconnect power to the circuit when a variation is detected. This disconnection should take place as quickly as possible or results could prove to be dangerous.

Total Testing Solutions Australia also provide testing and tagging of electrical appliances. Electrical equipment used in outdoor or indoor environment needs to be regularly inspected, tested and maintained to ensure safety.

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