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Vehicle mounted hoists available now from Total Lifting Solutions

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Available now from Total Lifting Solutions , the truck mounted slewing hoist is a vehicle mounted hoist designed to fit any vehicle fitted with a tray or level surface.

Packaged to enable the owner to fit the hoist in their own work place, this vehicle hoist kit simply bolts to any corner of the tray and virtually leaves the pay load capacity unchanged as it only weighs 88kg.

These vehicle mounted hoists are generally used to lift items that would usually require two or more people, such as generators, compressors etc. It does not require a licence to operate (except in ACT) and is powered by a 12V or 24V electric/hydraulic power unit using the vehicle's battery. This independent power unit enables the hoist to lift 250kg at 2.5m and 400kg at 1.6m above the tray, and 700kg at 0.9m.

The boom of this hoist rises to 2.4m above the surface of the tray and lowers to approximately 50cms below the tray.

The complete vehicle hoist includes the base, boom, power cable, handset control, adjustable support leg, buts, and diagram form safety instructions. The base of the machine is folded to ensure a light weight, optimal strength, and a footprint of only 500mm wide. This means stock crates and tool boxes can remain on the vehicle.

The hydraulic cylinder is a standard type ensuring easy service no matter where in Australia the owner is located.

Standard safety features of these vehicle mounted hoists include:

  • built in relief valve to avoid overloading
  • velocity fuse (hose burst) for hydraulic cylinder
  • flow control valve enabling the operator to adjust the speed at which the boom is lowered and raised
  • telescopic boom to 2.5m.

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