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Explosion-Proof Air Fans

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TONSON Australia (SAMT) provides the latest products in industrial air and transmission technology.

One of their popular products is their extensive range of explosion-proof fans which are ideal for ventilation or exhaust in hazardous locations, especially for mining applications and are now available up to 24” and also in Stainless Steel.

TONSON air fans are employed for the efficient extraction of hazardous, overheated and contaminated air, as well as the supply and distribution of fresh air in amounts necessary to provide safe and comfortable conditions for the occupants of the space.

The pneumatic air motor and fan features include:

* Air powered - No electricity is necessary

* 100% explosion-proof

* Designed for various working environments and conditions - flammable, chemical, volatile, high temperature and humid locations

* Different mounting methods are available – 18” and 24” floor stands, wall mount, and axial flow for use in harsh environments

* Absolutely safe - no heat and sparks will generate if fan blades are impeded

* R.P.M and directions of rotation can be adjusted easily for ventilation or exhaust.

* Air motor is hermetically sealed to prevent dirt and dust from clogging.

TONSON Australia (SAMT) products include a complete range of Air Fans, Air Motors, Air Mixers, Propellers, Air Pumps, Air Hoist/Winches, Stainless Steel Pressure Tanks, Spray Guns, Drum Handling Equipment and Oil Drum Pumps for use in all major industries.

For more information visit www.tonson-motor.com.au

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