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Operation and Maintenance Courses from TNA Australia

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In order to ensure that customers get the most out of their equipment, TNA offers operator training courses and maintenance courses.

Operator training courses are designed to equip machine operators with the skills needed to confidently operate their equipment, and give them the knowledge to be able to deal with any problems, should they arise. Operators who are properly trained are able to maintain a high pack quality and decrease reject and waste levels.  

TNA maintenance training courses are designed to educate machine operators about how to conduct comprehensive maintenance and troubleshoot any issues they may have with their equipment. Having an understanding of how their machines function enables machine operators to be more efficient and reduce instances where machines are out of action due to needing repairs.  

These training courses are based on practical maintenance skills; 80% of the time is spent working on real machines. Training course participants are required to complete an examination after completing each module. If they are successful, a TNA Certified Operator/Engineer certificate is awarded to them and their company.  

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