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Power Team products from Titan Technologies include a large number of hydraulic cylinders, pumps and valves, hydraulic and mechanical tools and ancillary equipment. The extensive range could outfit a complete workshop and provides the right tools for specific applications.

Titan Technologies provide hydraulic systems and services that are suitable to a range of specific requirements and applications

  • Presses for lifting and jacking applications in production or maintenance set-up kits
  • Appropriate single acting or double acting cylinders to suit the applications
  • Variety of hydraulic pumps (electric, pneumatic, hand pumps or foot pumps) and associated hoses and gauges
  • High pressure hoses and suitable fittings rated to the correct operating pressures of the pumps and cylinders
  • Hydraulic equipment such as hydraulic flange spreaders, hydraulic C-clamps, hydraulic crimping tools and hydraulic cutting tools

Titan Technologies Pty Ltd has represented the world-renowned PT Hydraulics products since 2002. All items, products and tools are tested, warranted and supported back-to-back with PT Hydraulics Australia.

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