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Gasmet Dx 4030 portable multi-gas analysers available from Thomson Environmental Systems

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Gasmet DX4030 is a lightweight FTIR gas analyser for ambient air analysis. The gas analyser is designed for applications where a number of compounds need to be accurately monitored in ambient air. Examples include leakage detection and various industrial hygiene applications including monitoring of VOCs, TICs and anaesthetic gases. Gasmet DX4030 gas analyser is also well suited for first response/HAZMAT type applications because of its lightweight construction and fast response time. Gasmet DX 4030 portable multi-gas analysers are available from Thomson Environmental Systems .

Gasmet DX4030 gas analysers can be used in table-top configuration or fitted inside a back-pack. With Gasmet DX4030 gas analyser, no sample preparation is needed. The sample gas is drawn into the analyser with a built-in pump through a particle filter.

Span calibrations are not required due to calibration stability of the FTIR analyser. The user is required to perform a zero calibration with nitrogen or ambient air every 24 hours.

The DX4030 gas analyser features a unique PDA (Portable Digital Assistant) user interface with Calcmet Lite software. Analysis results of up to 25 compounds are displayed on the screen of a PDA with Calcmet Lite software. Optionally, the measured spectra can be transferred to Calcmet DX4030 Pro-software for further analysis with a 250 gas reference library. The user does not require any previous experience with analytical instruments in order to operate the DX4030 gas analyser.

Gasmet DX4030 gas analysers can be used in the following application areas:

  • Industrial hygiene: Workplace air quality measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for regulatory compliance testing.
  • Hospitals: Detection of anaesthetic gases in operating theatres and recovery rooms, steriliser gases and laboratory solvents.
  • Leak detection: VOCs, Freons, inorganic gases – all with a single analyser.
  • Fumigants: Detection of residual fumigants.
  • Soil gas measurements: Identification of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons and BTEX at remediation sites.
  • First responders and HAZMAT teams: Identification and Quantification of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs).
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) analysis: Identification of both organic and inorganic compounds, multi-compound analysis as standard (maximum 25 compounds analysed simultaneously with Calcmet Lite), Cross-interferences automatically compensated for in the analysis, possibility to store sample spectra for post measurement analysis with Laptop PC and Calcmet Pro (250 compound chemical library available for identification of unknowns) and low levels of detection and quantification.

Gasmet DX4030 gas analysers offer the following benefits:

  • Rugged construction
  • No sensors are required that would need replacing on regular basis
  • Corrosion and contamination resistant materials
  • Calibration checks are not needed; only zero calibration with nitrogen or air

Quick to set-up and straightforward to use: No sample preparation needed, battery operated with several hours of operating time, and portable – the user can move freely in the measurement site.

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