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Automatic isokinetic particulate sampler

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article image Monitors stack velocity.

ISOSTACK Plus, manufactured in Italy by Tecora, is an automated system for isokinetic sampling of particulates in stacks or ducts.

Available from Thomson Environmental Systems , the unique design monitors the stack velocity and automatically adjusts sample flow to ensure isokinetic sampling is maintained within the permitted 10% variance allowed.

The system also provides an audible prompt to alert the operator that sampling at each traverse point is complete.

Ideal for stack testers of all kinds the Isostack Plus calculates volumetric flow rate, duct section or sampling point selection, determines vapour content with wet gas orifice (optional) and automatically compensates for pressure drop. Isostack Plus can also be operated with a PM cyclone inlet.

The instrument consists of 2 units. A lightweight control unit (3.5kg), easily located at the measurement point and sample pump (20kg) which can be located at a more convenient location.

Inbuilt memory, RS232 communication and printer allow for easy documentation of last measurement and parameter settings.

Tecora also offers sample probes, pitot tubes, and gas sampling systems.

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