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E-therm Reflective Thermal Insulation from Thermotec

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Thermotec Australia  has been manufacturing E-therm reflective insulation for over 3 years. With the acquisition of new technology/machinery, E-therm reflective insulation now comes in a wider width and a reflective foil design allowing a quicker installation process saving money.

E-therm reflective thermal insulation is a Bi metallic Foam product made from recycled material and is made here in Australia.

E-therm is a 4-in-1 product replacing traditional Foils (Sarking), Bulk Fibre Insulation, Acoustic Insulation and will achieve the minimum requirement for Thermal Break set out by the BCA.

Today it is common that a variety of products are used in construction for Thermal and Acoustic requirements to combat Australia’s harsh environment.

Now with the addition of Thermal Break requirements for Steel Frame housing, it is becoming increasingly expensive to achieve.

E-therm Reflective Insulation cuts cost by reducing the amount of products needed as well as labour, this save money for the homeowner and the builder.

E-therm Reflective Insulation can be used in floors, walls, roofs, on concrete, timber and brick applications. E-therm Insulation is an inexpensive way to keep cool in summer, warm in winter and reduce energy costs anywhere in Australia.

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