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Advanced Modular Calibration Systems and HART Communication Systems
DPI 620 Series of portable calibrators combines an advanced multifunction calibrator and HART communicator with world class pressure measurement and generation.

Features of Portable Multifunction Calibrators

  • Modular concept provides greater flexibility
  • Re range during use
  • Expand over time
  • Adapt by application
  • Allows significant inventory reductions
  • Simplifies user training
  • Reduces cost of ownership
  • A complete HART communicator and multifunction calibrator in one device

Benefits of Multifunction Calibration Equipment

  • Accuracy from 0.0025%rdg + 0.002%FS
  • Measure, source and simulate mA, mV, V, ohms, frequency, RTDs and thermocouples
  • Easy to use with photo quality touch screen
  • Robust, weatherproof and extremely compact and a HART digital communicator
  • Complete Device Description Library for all HART and calibration devices
  • Free of charge upgrades and new device descriptions
  • Integral 24V loop power supply to energise HART devices and loops
  • Menu selectable 250 ohm loop resistor
  • Measures mA and sources the primary variable for device trims and calibration with advanced connectivity and documenting features
  • Automate calibration procedures and document As Found and As Left results
  • Store a complete plant database including tags, devices and procedures
  • Graphical views of data log files, calibration results and historical trends
  • PDA version with Windows CE - view loop diagrams, datasheets, safety procedures, spreadsheets and create text documents
  • IEEE 802.11g wireless connection with internet access

Pressure Measurement Modules

  • 25 mbar to 1000 bar (10 inH2O to 15000 psi)
  • Accuracy from 0.005%FS
  • Fully interchangeable modules with no need for set up, calibration or tools

Pressure Generation Stations

  • Advanced pressure generation
    • 95% vacuum to 20 bar pneumatic
    • 95% vacuum to 100 bar pneumatic
    • 0 to 1000 bar hydraulic
  • Stand alone pressure stations can replace hand pumps and can be used as comparators

Applications of Advanced Modular Calibration Systems

  • Instrumentation installation, commissioning, maintenance and calibration
  • HART test, configuration and calibration
  • System measurement and monitoring
  • Indicator, recorder and controller testing
  • Process loop set up and diagnostics
  • Switch, trip and safety system testing

Advanced Modular Calibration Instruments and HART Communication Systems are used by plant and process engineers, service companies and site contractors, installation and commissioning engineers and laboratory technicians.

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