OdaLog® Gas loggers– Best solutions for gas detection applications to the waste water and other industries.

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The OdaLog® family of instruments includes portable gas loggers primarily designed for the wastewater industry– the industry-proven gas detection specialist for harsh environments.

The OdaLog® loggers are primarily used at a location close to the source of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) emissions such as those found within sewerage pumping stations, receiving manholes and inside sewer collection lines.


  • Gas monitoring in manholes, drains and pits
  • Odour monitoring in sewer and streaming water
  • Ventilation pipes and rising mains
  • Inside sewer collection lines
  • Selected areas in treatment plants
  • Asset management and odour control


  • Wireless transmission of H2S data from within sewer network
  • Powered by internal long-life lithium batteries (greater than 12 months)
  • Easy-to-access H2S data through using proprietary OdaStat-G software
  • Specially designed for harsh wastewater environments

Model numbers and details and differences between models in this range where appropriate.

  • ØOdaLog® L2
  • The OdaLog® has been specifically designed to withstand harsh environments typically found in the Wastewater Industry. The OdaLog® is primarily used by locating it at or close to the source of Hydrogen Sulphide emissions such as within sewerage pumping stations and receiving manholes. Its purpose is to monitor gas levels to help control H2S gas in sewerage systems and treatment plants for later review and evaluation using OdaStat-G software.
  • ØOdaLog® RTx
  • The OdaLog® RTx is the next generation of OdaLog® gas logger that utilises an in-built cellular modem to transmit real time gas concentration data to a dedicated Internet server that is remotely accessible using the latest OdaStat-G software application. The OdaLog RTx provides a M2M solution for the integration of device and sensor data with the big data, analytics and other enterprise applications behind the IOT.
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