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Novasina LabMaster-aw lab instrument from Thermo Fisher Scientific

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LabMaster-aw, available from Thermo Fisher Scientific, can be used for water activity measurement for quality management, research and production optimisation in food, pharmaceutical, chemical or cosmetic industries.

LabMaster-aw is a professional lab instrument for high precision measurements of aw values (water activity) in various probes. The big LCD screen and simple intuitive menu navigation improves the efficiency during the measurement.

The highlight of the LabMaster-aw is its unique accuracy. Due to the newly developed electrolytic measurement cell, with saved calibration data as well as the temperature controlled measuring chamber, the LabMaster-aw determines aw-values with high precision and repeatability.

The integrated pre-conditioning chamber allows the user to stabilise a sample, therefore, improving the measurement speed of multiple samples.

The LabMaster-aw enables measurements under precisely controlled chamber temperature conditions.

Due to the modular expandability, it is simple to expand the system with additional measurement channels (LabPartner-aw instruments).

  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Temperature controlled measuring chamber
  • Increased measurement speed
  • Measurement cell with saved calibration data
  • Intuitive and simple menu navigation
  • Modular expandability to multi- channel system

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