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LMS SCADAS Recorder available from Thermo Fisher Scientific

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The LMS SCADAS Recorder, available from Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a suitable solution for difficult applications like a wind turbine or motorcycle.

The fully autonomous LMS SCADAS Recorder does not require a PC or remote control to record raw time data and stream it directly to a secure CompactFlash memory card.

The LMS SCADAS Recorder combines the benefits of a recorder and a mobile data acquisition front-end in a single, versatile system configuration. This offers maximum flexibility, allows the reduction of overall hardware costs and eliminates the inconvenience of working with multiple systems.

The LMS SCADAS Recorder represents a modern solution to avoid typical test-run stress like faulty data storage, annoying reruns and time-consuming data translations.

  • Three modes of operation:
  1. Fully autonomous stand-alone data recorder
  2. Smart data recorder operated via wireless remote control
  3. Data acquisition front-end (recorder, analyser, high-end NVH)
  4. Reducing cost of ownership (1 hardware platform for three usage scenarios
  • Good hardware quality and performance:
  1. Built on the SCADAS Mobile platform
  2. High channel count from 8 to 40 ch.(1 frame) and up to 376ch. (8 frames)
  3. Precision hardware for reliable and high quality data
  4. Better mechanical and environmental specs compared to traditional tape recorders
  • Instant data validation:
  1. Real-time processing of data status (input channels, Tacho, CAN-bus, GPS)
  2. Full real-time FFT Analysis capabilities
  3. Wireless data monitoring while recording in progress
  4. Quick overview of reduced time data on wireless remote control
  • Extends LMS platform to broad range of data acquisition and analysis tasks
  • Seamlessly integrated with the LMS Test.Lab, LMS Test.Xpress, LMS TecWare
  • Improves data consistency and allows users to reliably compare data sets

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