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CoCo-80 data recorder and signal analyser from Thermo Fisher Scientific

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CoCo-80, available from Thermo Fisher Scientific, is more than just a data recorder. Although it can record all channels at a 102.4 kHz sampling rate, in addition, the real-time DSP technology delivers advanced real-time processing.

While recording data to flash memory, FFT, FRF, Tri-Spectra, APSD and more can be simultaneously computed with all the windowing, averaging and triggering functions expected in a signal analyser.

During operation the processed data can be viewed on the display or the spectra saved to ensure that the needed event is recorded.

This combination of data recording and real-time processing makes the CoCo-80 a versatile and powerful vibration analyser, acoustic analyser and a portable signal analyser for NVH, machine condition monitoring and modal testing.

Benefits and features:

  • Advanced performance
  • Octave (1/1, 1/3, 1/6 and 1/12), Order tracking, Tacho/Phase/Orbit measurements
  • Rugged, compact and mobile design is ideal for portable, field measurements.
  • Lightweight: Weighs less than 1.7kg
  • Advanced thermal design eliminates any need for a cooling fan, extending the battery life and reducing operating noise
  • Run up to six hours with a fully charged battery or an AC adapter or an automobile cigarette power adaptor can be used to charge the device and support unlimited hours of operation.
  • Versatile: Meet the analysis needs with general signal analysis, FFT analysis, time recording, FRF data acquisition, alarm/abort checking, machine condition monitoring, and many others
  • Engineering data management software: The interface between the CoCo-80 and other data analysis applications

Applications include:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Military

The Engineering Data Management Software, EDM is the interface between the CoCo-80 and other data analysis applications. This simple to use, Windows native software manages the communication between the PC and the CoCo-80, downloads the data to the PC, displays the data in any format required and exports the data in the standard formats including ASAM-ODS, UFF, BUFF and user-defined ASCII.

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