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4 reasons why plants need calibration management software

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article image Plant managers can share insights about operations with consistent reporting and verifiable compliance

GE company Baker Hughes presents 4Sight2, a new calibration management software solution that helps manufacturers improve efficiencies in their operations.

Manufacturers all over the world are increasingly investing in improved calibration and asset management strategies to assist with key challenges of modern day plant operations.

Here are 4 important reasons why manufacturers should invest in the smart, scalable and easy-to-use 4Sight2 calibration management software:

Be fully compliant and audit ready

Calibration is a major challenge in manufacturing plants, regardless of the size of the installed instrumentation. By seamlessly integrating with existing calibration equipment, 4Sight2 calibration management software can automate task downloads and direct uploads of results, providing simple control over calibration and maintenance workflow, and easy access to audit-ready data.

Take a predictive approach to maintenance

Operators can use the comprehensive asset analysis feature to check each device’s performance over time. This will help plant personnel plan preventative actions and choose the most cost-effective and reliable equipment.

Have the flexibility to grow with operations

The calibration management software, 4Sight2 is designed to grow with the company’s plant operations through multi-license packages that can cater for a progressively increasing number of technicians and equipment. Plant managers can share insights about operations with consistent reporting and verifiable compliance. The software can be installed directly onto a company server to deliver key benefits such as reducing investment costs and minimising IT requirements in terms of server support, upgrade management and data backup.

Increase operational efficiencies

Improvements in predictive and proactive maintenance help minimise repairs and potential breakdowns, making plant operations more efficient. Plant managers and operators will benefit from the reduction in unnecessary paperwork and filing tasks while benefitting from improved quality of records for audits and compliance.

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