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Environmentally protective large capacity tanks from Tasman Tanks speedily erected and dual lined for double protection

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The Tasman Tank Co. has introduced a range of large capacity storage tanks that can be speedily erected and designed to protect the environment.

Suitable for a wide range of industries, the double-lined circular heavy duty bolted tanks are part of a range from Tasman Tanks that extends up to 30 mega litres in capacity. The company builds more than 200 large industrial tanks a year.

The large capacity bolted steel tanks find use in food and beverage manufacturing, dairy and primary production, mining, resources, energy and heavy industrial applications.

The large diameter, low profile tanks can be speedily erected on-site by Tasman Tanks’ design, fabricate and construct teams. The tanks are offered as cost-efficient alternatives to above-ground concrete tanks or lined in-ground reservoirs that might ultimately be prone to deterioration or seepage.

Tasman Tank Company General Manager, Mr Jason McLauchlan says that many industries operating in environmentally sensitive locations employ large volumes of water that must be stored in sealed environmentally protective containers until it can be treated for recycling.

Rapidly developing industries especially need cost effective, quickly built secure storage that can subsequently be more readily removed when sites are required to be remediated.

Tasman Tanks has the capability to tailor specific tank solutions for their clients. For instance, key design parameters for a recent project included a remote location, limited site access for heavy machinery and a simplified remediation process after the environmental threat had passed. Tasman’s modular, no heavy machinery, no concrete foundation design met these design parameters.

Capabilities of The Tasman Tank Co.:

  • Proven experience in speedily erecting tanks in demanding sites from remote locations to various industrial environments with high environmental standards
  • Wide experience in environmentally protective tanks, especially for zero discharge applications where tanks must be totally sealed and free of elements that might react with the contents
  • Double lined tanks with primary liners specified according to environmental requirements of particular sites and secondary leak containment liners resting on a geotextile cushion layer on graded earthen floors
  • Large diameter, low profile tanks engineered for optimum speed of construction and stability in service with leak detection pipes where required, and floating covers
  • All tanks designed and certified to local standards including AS/NZS1170, and seismic design to NZ Red Book

Tasman Tanks has supplied their products for diverse applications ranging from mines such as FMG Cloudbreak, Oz Minerals Prominent Hill and Iluka, through to the Tarong and Waitaki power stations and the new Bluetongue Brewery on NSW’s Central Coast. The bolted tanks are also widely used in municipal, process, desalination and water and wastewater applications. 

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