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History of office desks according to The Barn Office Furniture

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The desk has come a long way. When you sit down at your office, do you ever consider where the idea for the office desk in front of you came from?

Office desks have quite a long history, with many revolutions along the way.

Office desks in the beginning:

The beginning of the life for the office desk we know today was in the 17th century.

At that time the main need for a desk was to create documents. For this reason these desks did not need to be too large, just a writing table with a chair and room for bottles of ink and the other tools necessary for committing the written word to paper.

These desks were pieces of art. Each was handmade by a master wood worker and cabinetmaker for those who had the money and the status to deserve such a piece of craftsmanship.

As time went on, so did the use of these office desks and office tables.

In the 18th century there was more than just writing to be done on a desk. Sure, there were plenty of places that needed writers to keep up their work, but there were also plans to be drawn up for buildings and other designing projects.

Artists had also learned the usefulness of such a surface. This is where the creation of adjustable drawing or drafting tables came into play.

19th century office desks – industrial revolution:

As the timeline continues into the 19th century, the office desk was expected to hold and do more during a days work. This was the time of the industrial revolution.

Steam engines were moving more things from place to place and that meant more paperwork and tracking of all those things that were on the move.

With the progress of the factories, office desks also became mainstream, since they could now be mass-produced instead of individually created.

With the ability to create many desks at once, also came the necessity to create variety in desk options.

As businesses expanded and had more office workers who needed desks to get their work done, the need came for new styles of desks.

Some desks needed space to hold typewriters, and slatted shelves to sort documents, others needed to be able to be locked up for security at the end of the day and that brought about the creation of the locking roll top desk.

Eventually, all those documents found a new home in the creation of filing cabinets.

The next major revolution would not come for some time. It was not until the late 1980’s that desks had to go through another major transformation, to be able to deal with computer revolution.

Desks had to become larger to hold the computer keyboard and monitor, and then they needed more room for a mouse, a printer and any other peripherals that may have been required to get the days projects completed.

Office desks are still transforming to be bigger and better, many have now turned to U shaped desks to be able to fit all the items necessary, but as the computer world works to shrink the devices we use each day, we may soon see a return to the days of smaller desks as smaller CPU’s and flat screen monitors open up more space on the desktop.

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