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Trellis barriers from The Australian Trellis Door Company solve OH&S issues

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The Australian Trellis Door Company has a range of steel trellis doors and barriers on offer that can minimise the incidence of OH&S related accidents, particularly in those workplaces where manufacturing and construction take place.  

The S04-1 mobile trackless trellis systems provide a protective barrier for dangerous machinery in manufacturing environments. They can be used to restrict access to factory areas that have the potential to harm passers-by, such as those where machinery is operating.  

The systems operate on trolleys so they can be moved around to different areas of the factory where protection is required. When not in use they can be wheeled away and stored out of sight.   

They are very flexible, and can be used to close off awkward openings which may typically be very difficult to secure.  

The trellis systems can also be used at the entry of factory’s and warehouses to prevent members of the public from wandering into the premises during trading hours.   The S04-1 trellis barriers are also useful on building and construction sites, particularly those that have high pedestrian traffic.  

The S04-1 trellis barriers were recently used by Bovis Lend at a shopping centre extension in Charlestown, NSW. The company used the barriers to cordon off particular areas of the mall that they were working on.  

This ensured work could be carried out during centre trading hours in a safe manner as public access to the construction areas was restricted by the trellis barriers.  

The trellis barriers are very sturdy, as they are secured on each end by a slam-lock facility which locks the barrier to a side fixing point.  If no suitable side-fixing point exists then the removable lockable post from The Australian Trellis Door Company can be used.  

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