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The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) offers one of the most extensive ranges of commercial/ retail doors, barrier security door products, roller shutters and folding closures in the world.

  • Folding closure bi-fold doors (FC1)
  • Trackless trellis doors (S04-1), (S04-1 ALU), (S04-1 DD)
  • Top hung trellis doors (S06), (S08)
  • Roller shutters & roller grilles (RS3) (RS5), (RS6), (RS7), (RS9) 

Folding closures and trellis doors

Suited for any commercial application, including retail, counter tops, shopping centres, offices, hospitals, schools, universities, showrooms, hotels, banks, warehouses, and government and public buildings.

Folding closure bi-fold doors (FC1)

  • Easy operation, longevity, functional integrity and low maintenance
  • Framed with continuous, extruded, low-friction, aluminium hinged panels
  • Infill panels can be polycarbonate, or perforated aluminium
  • Suspended from an extruded aluminium top track, which can be exposed or recessed
  • Slim (150mm), Medium (200mm) and Wide (300mm) panels available
  • Maximum height for the folding closure is 4500mm
  • The 300mm, 200mm and 150mm panel doors weigh approx. 12 kg/m², 15 kg/m² & 16kg/m² respectively
  • Can traverse a 90-degree turn through a radius of 600mm for all panel sizes, or 407mm (for the 150/200mm panel door)
  • S-bend turns are readily achievable
  • Seamless up/down locking mechanisms (or down–locking only) and parrot beak locking available
  • 12-month warranty is applicable on all parts.

Trackless trellis doors (S04-1), (S04-1 ALU), (S04-1 DD)

  • Ideal for installations where top-hung systems are not feasible: Malls, temp tenancies, airports, railway stations, factory units etc.
  • Trackless and portable, and configured in any formation (square, circular, curved etc.)
  • Available in black or white in standard diamond steel, narrow diamond steel, standard diamond aluminium
  • Standard heights S04-1 & S04-1 DD are 2020mm or 2520mm; and 1,800mm for S04-1 ALu
  • Locking options: 1) Shoot-bolt locking to the floor, 2) Locking to wall bracket
  • 12-month warranty if maintained in accordance with ATDC guidelines

Top hung trellis doors (S06), (S08)

  • Retail street fronts, malls, offices, universities, showrooms, hotels, public buildings, counter tops
  • Custom made, steel construction, black or white, straight-line (S06) or curved (S08)
  • Both models have top track, while the optional bottom track can be fixed, removable or hinged
  • Stacks to about 15%, Height to 4500 mm. S08 can follow 90-degree curves/ 600mm radius, S-bends
  • Locking options 1) Auto-slam lock 2) Up/down lock, or BCA compliant keyless locking system
  • 12-month warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies

Roller shutters & roller grilles (RS3) (RS5), (RS6), (RS7), (RS9)

Suited for any commercial setting when no restriction applies on the amount of headroom available, or where use is common throughout the day: factory warehouses, car parks, street front-retail, malls, offices, hospitals, schools etc.

  • Aluminium shutters available as standard extruded shutters (RS3), wide span shutters (RS5/RS6), transparent polycarbonate (RS7) Clearvision shutters, and the unobtrusive (RS9) security roller grille
  • Manufactured up to 6 metres wide (depending on the height requirement)
  • The RS7 Clearvision allows for visibility whilst providing security & protection from the elements
  • The RS9 security roller grille with its aluminium tube construction provides security, maximum ventilation and visibility through each side
  • Both RS7 and RS9 can roll up into a slimline pelmet box, or be concealed in bulkheads
  • Controlled either manually or electronically (key switches, remote controls or wall-mounted switches)
  • Standard finishes include clear anodised aluminium with a range of powder-coated options available
  • All ATDC shutters have a 12-month warranty against defective materials and workmanship.
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