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Tetra Pak has first microwaveable aseptic pack

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Tetra Pak has released the world’s first microwaveable aseptic package aimed at the growing market in prepared sauces for both retail distribution and food services.

A spokesman called it the ideal solution for today’s time-pressed consumers looking for high quality, quickly made meals.

The Tetra Wedge Aseptic (TWA) microwaveable 200 S, with its distinctive shape and packaging material, was the most robust and easy-to-handle packaging solution for sweet and savoury sauces, according to independent consumer research.

“Compared to stand-up plastic pouches, a common packaging for ready-made sauces, consumers tested found the TWA mw 200 S easier to handle and pour from as well as more robust and secure.

“Other favourable benefits over plastic included better flavour and taste and the even heating thanks to its shape. This avoids overheating and a hot-to-handle package,” the spokesman said.

Simple to open and heat, the TWA mw 200 S package was placed directly in a microwave oven after full opening and took only a minute or two to heat, depending on the product and microwave power. It reduced overall preparation, cooking and clean-up time. Its stability made it convenient to pour from, thus allowing a greater degree of portion control and less food wastage. It’s lightweight and easy to store.

The innovative packaging material from Tetra Pak, using polyethylene terephtalic silicon oxide (PET SiOx) as oxygen barrier, ensured product safety and integrity as well as original flavour, colour and texture for six months without the need for refrigeration or preservatives. The TWA mw 200 S also could be used for smooth soups and broths.

The TWA mw 200 S was manufactured on a filling machine from Tetra Pak, the TBA/19 filling machine, which had been specially designed with ultrasonic transversal sealing for the innovative packaging material used in the product.

Used exclusively for the TWA mw 200 S, it had a capacity of 6,000 packages an hour.

Christophe Devaux, R&D project manager at Valrhona, the French gourmet chocolate-maker said: "With this package, Tetra Pak is enabling us enter the market for gourmet ready made dessert sauces."

Valrhona’s Sauce au Chocolat packaged in the new microwaveable pack had won this year’s "Innovative Product of the Year" award at France’s international food exhibit, the Salon International de l’Alimentation.

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