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Gas manifold equipment from Tesuco

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Tesuco  offers an extensive range of gas safety equipment and provides gas leak demonstrations and safety seminars on gas safety. Tesuco offer comprehensive range of flashback arrestors. Inline quick coupling flashback arrestors from Tesuco are used to join two welding hose sets with the flashback arrestor’s additional safety.

Tesuco offers regulator end flashback arrestors which includes standard flow regulator end flashback arrestors, standard flow resettable regulator end flashback arrestors, high flow regulator end flashback arrestors and high flow resettable regulator end flashback arrestor. Standard regulator end flashback arrestors are used to fit non-regulated outlet points and regulators as per AS4839 and AS4289 requirements.

Tesuco offers a wide range of gas manifold equipment which includes single and twin cylinder, pack manual manifolds, autochange manifolds, manual manifold modular systems, rigid connection leads, high pressure isolation, purge valves, high pressure cylinder connection leads, manifolds labels, laboratory outlet equipment, gas manifold alarm systems, low pressure isolation, metering and purge valves, high pressure gas heater for high pressure lines, high pressure gas heater for compressed gases.

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